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How Electric Lawn Mowers Work: Unleashing the Power of Your Green Thumb

Are you trying to answer if electric mowers are any good?

They're not only eco-friendly, but they also offer lots of benefits like convenience and ease of use.

Now here's the thing, to get the most out of your electric mower, you need to understand how it works.

In this article, I'm going to dive into the inner workings of electric lawn mowers.

Get ready to unleash your green thumb!

Electric Motors

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An electric motor is a crucial component of an electric lawn mower's operation.

The motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. When turned on, the electric motor in a lawn mower receives power from either a battery or an outlet.

Electrical energy is converted into rotational motion by the motor. The rotation propels the mower's blade, making it capable of smoothly cutting through grass which makes it more convenient and efficient.

Power Source

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There are two ways to power electric lawn mowers.

1. Powering Through an Electrical Outlet

A power cord is required to connect certain electric mowers to an electrical outlet. If you have a small to medium-sized lawn and an outlet nearby, this is an excellent option. You won't have any interruptions while mowing your lawn since the cord supplies continuous power.

2. Runs on a Battery That Can Be Recharged

Other electric mowers come with a rechargeable battery. This option is convenient as it gives you the freedom to move around without a cord holding you back.

Charging the battery and attaching it to the mower will make it ready to use.

Battery-powered mowers are great for areas without many electrical outlets, but bigger areas may need extra batteries.

When choosing a power source for your electric mower, it's important to know how much battery power it has or the power requirements for corded models.

Curious about electric lawn mowers and their energy consumption?

A corded electric mower usually consumes 700 to 1800 watts of electricity every hour. Cordless electric mowers are typically less powerful, though. 40-90 volt batteries require 600-1400 watts to charge, depending on amps.

Source: Constar Blue 

The capacity of the power source affects how long the mower will run and how well it performs.

If you have a higher capacity battery or a higher voltage rating on a corded model, you'll get more runtime and more power. This means you can handle thicker grass and tougher terrain.

Select the right power source for top performance and efficiency.

Blades and Cutting Mechanism



The specialized cutting system in electric lawn mowers ensures a precise and even trim for cutting grass.

Let's get a closer look at how the blades and cutting mechanism function.

Design and Rotation of Blades for Effective Grass Cutting

Electric lawn mowers have blades designed for efficient grass cutting. These blades, made from durable materials like low-carbon alloy steel, remain sharp while cutting thick grass.

The blades on electric mowers rotate horizontally. The rotating blades swiftly and evenly cut through the grass for a beautifully manicured lawn.

Engagement of Blades With the Grass

When you start your electric lawn mower, the blades engage with the grass to begin the cutting process.

The cutting mechanism helps to prevent the blades from digging too deep into the ground. This protects the lawn from harm.

You can also customize the length of your grass with electric mowers' adjustable cutting heights. By adjusting the blades' height and angle, the cutting mechanism facilitates efficient grass trimming.

Adjusting the blades can give your lawn a personalized look and the perfect grass height. 

Safety Features

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Safety is a top priority for electric lawn mowers. Different safety features are present in these machines to protect you and prevent accidents.

Here are some of the primary safety features present in electric lawn mowers:

  • Blade Brakes: Blade brakes on electric mowers halt cutting blades quickly when necessary. This feature is essential to prevent injuries and enable you to navigate around obstacles or adjust without spinning blades.
  • Safety Switches: To operate electric lawn mowers, engage safety switches. The switches prevent accidental starts and give you control of the mower.
  • Automatic Shut-Offs: The automatic shut-off is a crucial safety feature in electric mowers. The mowers shut off automatically in certain situations (for instance, tipping over or handle release). This feature adds an extra layer of protection and helps prevent accidents.

Safety comes first when using power tools or machinery!

How to Use Electric Lawn Mower. Its Controls and Operation

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Operating an electric lawn mower efficiently requires mastering its controls.

The controls comprise the on/off switch, speed settings, and height adjustments.

On/Off Switch: An on/off switch is a standard feature on all electric lawn mowers, making it simple for you to start and stop the machine. Look for the switch on the handle or control panel of the mower. Power up the machine and start mowing with the on/off switch.

Speed Settings: Electric mowers may have variable speed settings to suit your preferences. The speed settings control how fast the cutting blades spin and how well the mower cuts. Adjust speed for grass thickness or terrain delicacy.

Height Adjustments: Models have adjustable height settings for the cutting deck. Height change gives you control over grass length for a precise cut.

Make use of these controls to operate your electric lawn mower efficiently.

Maintenance and Care

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Maintaining and caring for your electric lawn mower is crucial for its longevity and optimal performance.

Follow these steps to maintain your mower for years.

Regular Blade Sharpening or Replacement

To maintain electric lawn mowers, it is crucial to keep the blades sharp or replace them when needed. Dull blades can cause uneven cuts and put more stress on the motor.

The tools required for sharpening lawn mower blades are socket wrench or ratchet set, vise, bastard-cut mill file, and rags. The materials that you require will be work gloves, eye gear and WD-40 lubricant.


Sharpen the blades using a grind store, a file, a blade sharpener, or an angle grinder.

For better cutting performance, replace the blades if they're beyond repair.

Battery Maintenance

Maintaining the battery is crucial for your electric lawn mower.

Check battery connections regularly for cleanliness and tightness. If you see any corrosion, get a wire brush and scrub it off with baking soda and water.

Follow the instructions for charging and storing the battery, and monitor the charge level.


To eliminate accumulated grass clippings, dirt, and debris, clean your electric lawn mower regularly.

To avoid buildup and rust, ensure the underside of the mower is free of any grass clippings.

Disconnect the mower from the power source before cleaning. Use a soft brush or cloth to clear any dirt or debris from the surface and cutting deck. Pay close attention to the air vents and cooling fins, as clogs can affect the mower's performance.

Environmental Impact

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Electric lawn mowers' popularity has risen because of their zero emissions and eco-friendliness. These mowers are pollution-free, thanks to their electric power source.

You can better the air quality and reduce your carbon footprint by picking an electric mower. If you want to maintain your lawn and not contribute to smog formation, electric mowers are a greener option.

Electric mowers eliminate the need for gasoline storage and handling, reducing environmental risks. Gasoline spills can contaminate soil and water, causing pollution. Electric mowers don't require oil changes. This also minimizes hazardous waste.

Electric mowers offer both emission-free operation and energy efficiency. Electric motors convert more electrical energy into mechanical energy, resulting in less waste.

Using electric mowers reduces noise pollution. This is important in residential areas or in noise-sensitive communities.

Caring for your lawn with an electric mower helps the environment.

Advancements in Electric Mower Technology

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Advancements in technology have improved electric lawn mowers over the years.

Let's explore some new electric mower innovations.

Improvements in Battery Technology

High-performance lithium-ion batteries are a significant advancement in electric mower technology.

These batteries have longer run times and faster charging than lead-acid batteries. Electric mowers can now operate for longer periods without frequent recharging.

Self-Propelled Features

Self-propelled features are another enhancement in electric mowers.

This technology enables you to move forward automatically. Electric mowers make mowing easier on larger or hilly lawns.

Other Innovative Advancements

Electric mowers have seen remarkable innovations beyond batteries and self-propulsion. Models with smart sensors adjust cutting height for grass thickness. Improved blade design enhances mulching and bagging, allowing for better grass management.

Manufacturers frequently release new models with better features and performance. 

Stay updated to be aware of the latest electric mower technologies.

And Wrapping Up!

In this article, you learned about electric lawn mowers and their advantages. Hope you uncovered if electric mowers are worth it. Let's recap:

  • Electric mowers are powered by electric motors.
  • Their power source is a battery, or a cord connected to an electrical outlet.
  • The blades and cutting mechanisms are alike to those found in traditional mowers.
  • Electric mowers have safety features like blade stops and automatic shut-offs.
  • Controls of electric mowers are user-friendly.
  • Maintenance includes cleaning and sharpening blades.
  • Electric mowers are eco-friendly.
  • Electric mowers are now more efficient because of technological advancements.

Explore electric lawn mowers further. They are a great choice for lawn maintenance.

What`s your take on electric lawn mowers?



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