About Us

The Trimyxs is a revolutionary lawn care innovation that represents the first-ever string trimmer attachment designed to be seamlessly integrated with a push lawnmower. This innovative technology combines the functionality of a string trimmer with the convenience of a traditional mower, offering users a more efficient and streamlined approach to lawn maintenance.

The Trimyxs attachment is engineered to leverage the power and maneuverability of a push lawnmower, allowing users to trim edges, borders, and hard-to-reach areas with precision and ease. By eliminating the need for a separate standalone string trimmer, the Trimyxs simplifies the lawn care process and provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining a well-groomed lawn.

With its innovative design and practical functionality, the Trimyxs aims to enhance the outdoor maintenance experience for homeowners and professionals, offering a versatile and convenient tool for achieving professional-quality results.


Our Mission

Developing Innovative Solutions to Enhance the Convenience of Everyday Life

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    To provide customer satisfaction.

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    We are committed to creating the best experience for our customers.

  • Innovative

    We are innovative In our products and new technologies.

A close-up of the Trimyxs attachment attached to the red push lawn mower

Every day, people look for a convenient, affordable, and adaptable way to trim and edge their lawns. The endless cycle of mowing, trimming, and edging is a distressing household chore. Traditional trimmers for weeds are time-consuming, inefficient, and redundant. They cause an incredible amount of fatigue in our bodies. The Trimyxs offers a superior approach to traditional trimming and edging.

an Ego brand push lawn mower with the Trimyxs attached in action

We created an efficient and ergonomically friendly design with consumers in mind. By mounting the Trimyxs to your walk-behind mower, the distance between consumers and the actual weed trimmer, along with the trimmer guard, helps to eliminate debris kickback and allows for less wear and overall fatigue on your body. 

three different brands of push lawn mowers with the Trimyxs attached

The design makes reaching under the bushes, drain gutters, and other landscaping around the yard easier. We designed the attachment for a lawn mower to be simple to install within minutes. Our lawn mower attachment is compatible with all major brands of lawn mowers.

The components' thermoplastic composition provides impact, heat, chemical, weather, and abrasion resistance. It makes our product long-lasting. You need to hold down the momentary push button trigger to power the unit. It makes our product safe.

  • Fargo Inc. Magazine “10 Questions with John Machacek”

    “I despise weed-eating after I cut the grass and basically avoid it. Mowing, trimming, and edging all at the same time is definitely for me.”

  • Future Farmer “Enhancing Convenience of Everyday Life”

    “Aaron explains that some of the highest points in his entrepreneurial journey have been when customers reach out and praise the Trimyxs.”

  • FARGO MOORHEAD. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT “Moorhead Entrepreneur, Aaron Halik, Revolutionizing The Lawn Care Industry”

    “For as long as Halik can remember, he has always been thinking about how to make things better. With every idea for improvement, he writes it on a slip of paper, dates it, and keeps it in a jar to return to later.”

  • INFORUM “Moorhead inventor creates lawn mower trimmer attachment.”

    “The Trimyxs basically functions like a weed trimmer, but it simply attaches to your push lawnmower,” Halik explained. “You have the control right at your fingertips while you’re mowing.”

  • ILTACADEMY “5 area innovators are finalists for the West Central Trailblazer Challenge on April 13.”

    “Trimyxs, from Moorhead, is the name of the first-ever universal push lawnmower attachment. The Trimyxs allows consumers to not only mow their lawn but also trim and edge all at the same time. This previously time-consuming chore is now made simple with the push of a trigger.”