What are the benefits of our lawn mower weed eater attachment?

  • It saves you 80% of your trimming time.
  • The efficient design allows for the distance between the operator and the weed trimmer.
  • It is long-lasting because of the thermoplastic composition of the components.
  • The design offers complete mobility and comfortable operation.
  • The design makes reaching front yard plants, fences, drain gutters, and landscaping easier.

How do I use this trimmer plus edger mower attachment?

When attached to your lawn mower, the attachment allows you to simultaneously mow, trim, and edge.

How difficult is the Trimyxs to install?

We designed the Trimyxs with buyers in mind. See for yourself! Click Here

Is it battery-operated, or do you have to use gas?

It is battery-operated.

What type of battery does the Trimyxs Use?

The Trimyxs comes with a 20-volt 4-amp battery and charger.

How long does the battery last on the Trimyxs?

The battery supplied with the Trimyxs is a 20V 4amp Battery. After running at full speed with no load, tests resulted in over 30 minutes of runtime. It is double the time of comparable battery-powered string trimmers on the market. Overall, it depends on how much the user has to trim and edge.

How do I control the Trimyxs?

A trigger is attached to your lawn mower handlebars to control the Trimyxs. This unique feature gives you separate control of your lawn mower and the Trimyxs.

Can I mount the Trimyxs to a riding lawnmower?

At this time, unfortunately, you can not.

How is the Trimyxs compatible with my lawnmower?

The Trimyxs is compatible with most major brands. Click Here to see if your mower is compatible.

Do I need to drill into my mower deck to mount the Trimyxs?

No. It only takes a wrench to install the Trimyxs.

How do I convert the Trimmer into an Edger?

It takes a matter of seconds, and no tools are needed.

How do I extend more line on the Trimyxs?

The Trimyxs has an auto-feed line that automatically extends the trimmer line when accelerating the Trimyxs. No bumping is required.

Can I use my own string or do I have to buy a proprietary string/spoon and then change it each time it runs out?

Yes, you can use your own string. The size is 0.065 or 0.080. 

What are the dimensions and weight?

The carton is 36x8x6 in 7.75lbs and the Trimyxs trimmer is 36x3in (LxW) 3.5lbs

Will this work on electric, gas, or self-propelled mowers?

Yes, it will work on electric, gas, front/back, or wheel-driven.

My mower has caster wheels in the front; how can it be mounted differently?

Sorry, it doesn’t work for caster wheels.

Do you have a model that fits on a zero-turn mower?

Soon, but not at this time.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time, but we are looking for distributors for different countries. Please reach out if you are interested.

Does the package come with the line, or do I have to purchase it separately?

One spool of the line comes with your order. You can purchase more at trimyxs.com or reload the spool with a .080 string trimmer line.

Do you have to hold the button constantly, or will it stay on itself?

You have to hold the button for safety reasons, but it is not straining on the fingers.

Is this product compatible with the Kobalt mower brand?

Yes. this does attach to the Kobalt mower brand.

Does the line automatically feed itself?

Yes, the auto-feed system is controlled by the Trigger - no bumping is necessary. 

Will it work if the mower is front wheel self-propelled?

Yes, of course.

How do I use this for right-angle corners where two fences meet?

You can easily maneuver the lawnmower back and forth a few times and be able to make the right turn.

Will this attachment work with the Ego brand mowers?

Yes, this does attach to the ego mower.

What is the adjustable width range for the shaft that connects to the wheels?

It ranges from 20 to 30in wheelbase.

What is the return policy?

Click Here.